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scrambled eggs with goat cheese and chives

25 May

Brunch is a really inexpensive and pretty stress-free way to entertain.  I had some people over for brunch this past weekend and when I am entertaining I like to keep the cooking as simple as possible.  I made scrambled eggs, potato hash, and put out some fresh fruit with yogurt and granola.  Oh! And there were some cranberry coffee bars, but we will discuss those bars at a later date….

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23 May

I had some friends over for brunch yesterday and I’ll post about the food in a bit, but I wanted to share these beautiful peonies with you.  Peonies are in full bloom right now and I have been splurging on them at the farmer’s market lately.  I can’t help it!  They smell amazing and make the perfect spring time table decoration.


19 May

The other day my brother asked me how to make bruschetta.  Although tomatoes aren’t quite in season yet, they’re  starting to pop up at the market. I have found that the key to making tasty bruschetta is to let the tomatoes marinate in olive oil and salt for a little before mixing in any other ingredient.  I don’t know if this is the traditional way to make it, but it sure tastes good.  Remember when you are storing tomatoes to keep them on the counter top.  If they go in the fridge their flavor will change.

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chicken paillard

13 May

Stressful day at work?  Make chicken paillard!  After countless hours of scientific research, I have come to the very precise conclusion that this is the perfect dish to make after a long day.  First of all, it takes about 10 minutes to make. Secondly, it requires very few ingredients.  But most importantly, you get to pound the crap out of some meat.  Forget screaming into your pillow, just try making chicken paillard and your stress will go away in no time!

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steak with greens

10 May

Sometimes I think my recipes are ways not to cook/get bamboozled into buying too much food at the super market.  Take what happened to me yesterday: I wanted to make steak and greens.  So, I went to the store and some how ended up with 2 pounds of meat-  two freaking pounds of meat that was way over budget and enough food to feed a family of four.  Well, I cooked all of the steak yesterday (LOTS of leftovers) and learned my lesson about the butcher counter: do not let the butcher talk you into buying massive amounts meat.  Simply stick with your task at hand, buy the appropriate amount of meat for two people (the recommended serving of meat per person is the size of a deck of playing cards) and be on your way.

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chicken and apples

5 May

It’s been so warm and lovely out the past few days I was in the mood to cook with some fruit.  This chicken dish is hearty but not too heavy-perfect for this hot spring weather.

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